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Web Application Development

We are a web application development company from Mumbai. We at star web creation make creative web application for you. The application or the solution which we make will perfectly suit your business or profession. We Make sure that your business needs are fulfilled though the web application that we develop.
We develop your software or web application on any platform which you choose for example PHP, .Net (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), web servers (Apache, MS IIS) and databases (MySQL and SQL server). Whatever you choose from. We customize according to your need..
Save your efforts, money and time and better ROI.
As somebody said “time is money” It’s really true. As much as time you save that much extra money you can make in that time. Our customized software or web application will give you good return on your investment (ROI). Our web application will streamline your business needs. And fulfill all your requirements. That is all your requirements will come under one roof. And you don’t have to find any other software for example you will find some software for Inventory management. Another for CRM, and Another for HRM etc.
We integrate all these in one package and give you the complete business solution for you. Which will in turn save your time as well as your employee time.
DOS is over, Windows is dying, now think of web
Initially there were lots of dos accounting software or application. Then the era came for windows where all the application were running on standalone PC. But it was very difficult for any person to find any details online as he or she has to sit on the pc where application is installed. To deal with this situation then can web application which can be accessed from any part of the world.
We at star web creations are masters in web application. We provide best web application to our clients with latest features and user-friendly design
The application or the software which we develop are cheap, affordable and are at discounted rates. We treat customer as the king and do everything that costumes orders us.

Following are some of the process that we following before and after the web application is developed.

1. We thoroughly understand customers requirements and takes inputs from customer.
2. Once we understand the requirement we write it and further discuss with customer for any additional inputs or modifications for the same.
3. Our programmers make a dummy or an skeleton of the project and then forwarded to the client. Once the client is of with the design then we go forward.
4. Once the skeleton or design is ready then we do coding for the project and once the coding is finished we show the first phase or the beta version of the application.
5. After the beta version of application is over then we do testing of the project. After testing of the project we implement the application live.
6 We do regular maintenance of the application.
Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 022-2201 8454 / 64 for all your customized web application or software development requirements.