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B2C Applications

On line shopping is quickly becoming a way of shopping in the world of retail. With hundreds of new e-commerce sites going on the net everyday, a well developed site needs to be implemented to retain and keep your audience with you. Any change, at any time You can add, delete and change products listings as often as necessary with an online catalog. You can make the changes right form your desktop, and they are instantaneously reflected in your catalog..
Saving on Support costs :-
Are customer service costs cutting into your profitability? Online catalogs can significantly reduce the amount spent to support a sale. Before the sale, a customer can access the site and gain valuable product information on their own schedule and at their own pace without typing up your inside sales staff. Online credit card processing requires no intrevention. Payment authorization is received before the order is sent to you for fulfillment. Order and shipping confirmations can be sent automatically. And customers can track their own orders online.
Build customer loyalty :-
With online catalogs, there are many ways to encourage repeat sales. Gain the competative advantage by creating one to one relationships with your customers. Our software automates the process of providing price discounts, contract price and special offers based on volume purchase. If you have different prices for different types of customers, you can be sure they see only what they are supposed to.
Saving on order processing cost :-
It is now possible to arrange fast and efficient products delivery by processing all orders online using interactive catalogs. No errors and delays from manually entered orders. No more phone tag. No more missed faxes. No wasted time. Just more business and satisfied customers.
Catalog Features :-
* Custom design and layout for any kind of application or product line.

* Built in online ordering / shopping cart options.

* Online credit card verification & payments.

* Members registration, level discounts / pricing wish lists.

* Ability to up sell and cross sell products.

* Customized online forms to collect family info for gift reminders, size, colors etc.

* Integrated online administration panel for updating catalog items and preferences, tracking orders.
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