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Star Online Technologies Ltd. is continuously in need of different kind of man power and we advise our visitors to keep looking for your dream jobs on this page. The applicants can post their resume on this site stating appropriate position applied for.
1) Sr. Programmers - 2 Nos.
We require talented, sincere & hardworking software development professionals for our projects on web portals development and web applications. Candidate should be able to communicate clearly & effectively with the clients and other departments in the company.
Experience : Minimum 3 years in an IT company.
Desired Skill sets, XML, Ajax, Systems Analysis, Database Designing.
Database SQL Server, MySQL
Linux Web Programmers
For all the above positions the remunerations will depend on the qualifications and experience you possess. But salary is no bar. All positions are for Permanent basis and those interested in a short term or part time basis need not apply. Please apply urgently to Contact us