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Star Web Creations: is a software development company committed to provide the best quality solutions in a cost effective timeframe and technology, to help companies to gain a competitive edge in both local and global markets. available at a value for money. Founded in year 2000, we are into:
Why Outsourcing ?

There are number of advantages of outsourcing.

1) Allows you to focus on your core business.
In today’s competitive world, you need to give your 100% to your core business strength areas and get the other jobs done by outsourcing. This enables you to offer services to your clients even in areas, where you are not very strong, with out having to acquire those skill sets. Servicing clients through Collabrations is the new Mantra of the 21st Century.
2) Reduces capital costs of infrastructure.
Our customized website designing services in mumbai provides you with options to update your website content yourself, and to use other customized features to add photo galleries, form builders, news managers to your e-commerce website. We are amongst the few website designing companies in India that provide exceptional, innovative and high quality custom website designs at affordable prices.
The single most important tactical reason for outsourcing is to reduce and control operating costs. Companies that try to do everything themselves may incur vastly higher research, development, marketing and deployment expenses, resulting in uncompetitive pricing. Access to the outside provider's lower cost structure, which may be the result of a greater economy of scale or some other advantage based on specialization or experience, is clearly and simply one of the most compelling tactical reasons for outsourcing.
3) Makes best use of competitive resources available worldwide.
To remain competitive without compromising on quality, one must think of sourcing different resources from places where they are available most competitively. for e.g. finance is easily and cheaply available from Us, the computer hardware is most competitively available from Korea and China, while skilled IT manpower is best available in India.
Hence, outsourcing software jobs to India allows your company to offer the most competitive pricing to your clients without compromising on quality.
4) Increase Productivity and Turn Over
By outsourcing you are not restricted to take up jobs, which only your internal staff can handle. This way you can increase your turn over and productivity, and shorten the output timeframe, without having to allocate further resources.
5) Improve employee satisfaction with higher value addition jobs.
You may want to keep the highly skilled work for your employees and outsource the routine, less innovative jobs.
6) Your Competitors may be doing it.
To remain in competition you may have to keep a watch on what your competitors are doing.
I. Star Online Technolgies Ltd. offers several advantages for you to outsource. Some of these are:
  • Vast experience of executing web and software development jobs of different level of complexities.
  • Highly Experienced and skilled technical team of Programmers, Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Web Designers and Commercial Artist, all of whom are very well versed with English.
  • Strong Quality Assurance Systems in place to achieve 100% client satisfaction.
  • State-of the art Infrastructure
  • Competitive pricing which are as low as 20-40% of the prevailing Us costs.
  • Having strong skills in C, C++, VB, VC++, ASP, JSP, JAVA, XML, .Net technologies, Oracle, Sql Server and MS-Access. Also have skills in HTML, Photoshop, Flash, 3D Max, Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere etc.
  • Backup training infrastructure that creates new manpower and allows upgradation of skills of the existing programmers and designers.
  • We believe and very clean and straight forward dealing with our clients and our associates.
  • We always meet our project deadlines under any circumstances.
  • We have set procedures in place that make outsourcing jobs, simple and convenient to implement.
Today's competitive market place demands more than just an attractive website. Thousands of businesses are conducting high yielding business online and are in need of a professional web presence to help them remain competitive. Finding the right technical, commercial and creative talent to successfully plan, build, launch & market your website is your most important first step.
So if you have an idea to make your mark globally, just call us and we will help you from conceptualising till upto implementation, training your staff and will hold your hand as long as you need us.
Pick up your phone and simply contact us today at : 091-22-22018454 / 64 or simply email us to : We charge nothing for consultancy.