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Reporting Solutions

We at Star Web Creations provide customized reporting solutions for you according to your requirements. We do SSRS / RDL report designing as well as migration services for converting your existing Crystal reports to SSRS reports
If you are currently not invested in any existing solution then we prefer to implement your reports in SSRS as it provides most of the features provided by Crystal at very affordable rates. However, we also have experienced resources who can design the reports in Crystal if you are already using Crystal report server in your enterprise.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Reports are an integral part of any business application. They drive the business right from raising invoices to providing key information to management enabling them to take informed desicions.
Reports can range from the very simple reports to very complex reports with paging, sorting and multiple sub-reports. The reports themselves may just contain numbers or they can have various types of charts and graphs for summarizing the data for higher management. More complex reports also have drill through capabilities which provide access to all details at a click of the mouse.
We have extensive experience in designing and implementing reporting solutions in our enterpise grade applications (Star Messenger, Star Bookstore, Star CMS, etc). This expertise has been leveraged and is provided to you as a service with a number of our clients having already benefitted from our services.

Migration Services (Crystal reports - RPT to SQL Server Reporting - RDL)

If you are migrating from Business Objects to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and have hundreds or reports to migrate then we can help you with the migration. Converting even simple Crystal report to SSRS / RDL format can take hours to convert and test the new reports. If your developers are not experienced with Crystal and SSRS then it is an extra learning curve for them as well. Further, since we only have to migrate the reports from one format to another without altering their behavior, very minimal interaction is required from your end. All you have to do is provide us with the crystal reports and we will convert the reports and give them back to you. We can also test the reports for you if you provide us with some test data in the database
We have extensive experience designing reports for SSRS and Crystal which is being leveraged to provide a very cost effective service to you to help convert reports from the Crystal Enterprise server to Microsoft SSRS / RDL format. For any reporting related requirement, please feel free to Contact us at or call us at 022-2201 8454 / 64