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B2B Applications

When you sell through distributors, retailers, resellers and other businesses, you probably involved multiple products lines with a complex pricing structure.Neither you nor your customers have the time to waste tracking on product information such as price, availability, specifications and other data. Star Web Creations can help you streamline the entire process with interactive business to business catalogs that will make extensive information available at your customer's fingertips.
Your organization will have an engaging, clearly organized, easy to manage e-catalogue on web site, as a result it is even easier for your customer to do business with you. In fact these e-catalogs can be created and updated(by you) by just a click.
By implementing E-commerce, the saving in the cost of doing business can be about 15 percent. Catalog Features:
* Custom design and layout for any kind of business or product line.
* Built in online ordering / shopping cart system.
* Multiple pricing structure per item , per company, quantity discount pricing.
* Display inventory levels.
* Unlimited site views / sections for any type of products line.
* Customized online forms by customer and buy item.
* Unlimited product depth, schematics, up sell and cross sell, warranty info, multiple product views.
* Flexible payment processing-online credit card verificaion ,PO's ,open account.
* Integrated online administration tool for updating catalog items and preference , tracking orders.
Additional Benefits of B2B Portals
B2B portals have made possible for buyers and sellers to carry out sales and business activities online with the advantage of having choice of many companies that are listed through these websites for business purpose. There are many benefits coupled with B2Bs.Here follow the gist of the advantages that are procured by the companies using B2B websites for their business :-
  1. It is a low cost electronic medium to promote the business.
  2. It minimizes the overall steps of selling procedures.
  3. It also reduces the overall cost for selling and marketing.
  4. There are many competitors in online auction as a result the buyer of industrial goods could get the products at a cheap deal.
  5. B2B saves time for business transactions and commercial dealings between the buyer and the seller, thus it is a cost saving medium in terms of time, money and resources.
  6. One of the biggest advantages of B2B websites is just in time delivery. Such promptness of delivery is satisfying and favorable for both buyers and sellers.
  7. It facilitates the establishment of new trading relationships between companies and supports existing business relationships.
  8. By the help of business directory and search engines provided in B2B portals buyers can find out potential sellers and vice-versa.
  9. With the help of classifieds it becomes easy to sell or purchase different products.
  10. Tendering services which are a part of B2B websites assists in finding orders and placing requests.
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